SK Trust Services Practice Statement

SK Trust Services Practice Statement is an overall practice statement for all SK trust services and public key infrastructure, which describes mutual practices and principles for providing SK trust services and shared information security management system, processes, infrastructure and controls. 

Version 11.0, PDF (valid from 15.01.2023)

Older versions:
Version 10.0, PDF (valid from 15.12.2021)
Version 9.0, PDF (valid from 12.05.2021)
Version 8.0, PDF (valid from 15.04.2020)
Version 7.0, PDF (valid from 02.02.2020)
Version 6.0, PDF (valid from 17.10.2018)
Version 5.0, PDF (valid from 25.06.2018)
Version 4.0, PDF (valid from 07.03.2018)
Version 3.0, PDF (valid from 01.01.2017)
Version 2.0, PDF (valid from 01.07.2016)
Version 1.0, PDF (valid from 01.10.2014)