Year 2018 at SK ID Solutions


In 2018, the number of users for SK’s services multiplied fast, which also meant an increase in the company’s sales revenue. Geographical expansion also went very successfully for the company. In the first half of the year, SK started offering the Mobile-ID service in Lithuania once again in cooperation with Tele2, Bite, and Telia. By the end of the year, SK’s Mobile-ID service was being used by more than 160 000 people in Lithuania.

In 2018, SK also activated a new certification service for new ID-cards. The new environment is not a part of SK’s trust chain. Instead, it is based on a completely separate root certificate that has been created especially for Estonian identification documents.

The number of Smart-ID users, which is a new generation authentication solution, grew 2,6 times over the span of the year, reaching nearly two million users by the end of the year. The user count grew fast: if in the beginning of the year, Smart-ID had 650 000 users, then six months later, they had nearly a million users. This also meant an increase in completed transaction, which by the end of the year was three times more than in 2017. New issuing partners for Smart-ID, Luminor and Siauliu Bank played a part in this rapid growth by making it even easier than before for people in Lithuania to join Smart-ID.
Smart-ID’s success was also recognised by the Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications who awarded SK ID Solutions with the title of Breakthrough of the Year.

Another very important and long-awaited achievement came in the last months of the year when Smart-ID became QSCD or in other words, it became a service that provides users with the highest level of electronic signatures. QSCD gives users the possibility to sign any electronic document with Smart-ID and these signatures are equivalent to handwritten signatures and must be recognized by every EU member state.

In November, SK organised its ninth annual EID event, the SK Annual Conference. The keynote speaker of the event, which was held completely in English for the first time, was the Chief Research Scientist at Comodo Cybersecurity, Kenneth Geers. SK also introduced their international survey about authentication solutions at the conference. 4000 people across Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland participated in the survey.

At the end of the year, SK also established its Lithuanian branch with the purpose of offering their business customers in Lithuania support and services in Lithuanian.

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