Smart-ID Joins Estonia’s Esteemed Top 10 Brand Icons Alongside Spotify and Apple

International identity solution Smart-ID has once again been recognized as one of the most beloved brands in Estonia, as revealed by the recent Kantar Emor brand survey. The survey results demonstrate the continued popularity and positive perception of Smart-ID among Estonian consumers.

A remarkable 9.5% of respondents held Smart-ID in such high regard that they included it in their personal TOP 5 favourite brands. This outstanding achievement has firmly established Smart-ID as a trusted and adored brand in Estonia, alongside international giants like Spotify, Google, Apple, YouTube, and Swedbank.

Smart-ID’s favourability is particularly notable within the 25-49 age group, where it ranks second, just after YouTube. The survey also highlights Smart-ID’s consistent appeal across different demographics, including various ethnicities and genders. Furthermore, Smart-ID enjoys a higher preference among segments with higher incomes and demonstrates popularity in larger cities.

SK ID Solutions’ other identity solution, Mobiil-ID, which has more than 700 000 users, also shines brightly in the brand rankings, firmly securing the 57th to 59th positions alongside popular Estonian retail company Kaubamaja and national postal service Omniva. Notably, Mobiil-ID surpasses global powerhouses Volkswagen and Audi, demonstrating its exceptional standing and remarkable performance.

While Smart-ID continues to maintain its strong position among beloved brands, it’s important to note that preferences may vary over time. The survey results reflect the opinions of the respondents at this specific moment. As a dynamic and customer-focused brand, Smart-ID remains committed to delivering innovative digital identity solutions that meet the evolving needs of our users.

The survey, conducted by Kantar Emor since 2009, took place from May 11th to May 21st, 2023, and involved the evaluation of 164 brands. The respondents consisted of individuals aged between 15 and 74, with a total of 1,094 participants. The comprehensive study aimed to gauge the preferences and perceptions of Estonian consumers towards various brands, providing valuable insights into their preferences and choices. The inclusion of Smart-ID in the list of most beloved brands further reinforces its positive standing among the Estonian population.

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