SK will be participating in an international cybersecurity conference


SK ID Solutions (SK) will be participating in the world’s leading cybersecurity conference World eID and Cybersecurity which will this year focus on secure identity solutions in our increasingly digitalizing world.

“The World eID and Cybersecurity conference is definitely one of the most important cybersecurity events in Europe, which brings together all the biggest names in the field. At the conference and the exhibition, we will be introducing our main export-oriented services – Smart-ID, e-Seal and Time-Stamping Service. This is a unique opportunity to showcase Estonian innovation and our e-identity solutions to Europe and I am glad that SK is doing this,” said Kalev Pihl, CEO of SK ID Solutions.

SK’s new identity solution Smart-ID will be introduced at the conference by Urmo Keskel, SK ID Solutions’ Product Manager, who will focus on the technical side of Smart-ID, and by Georg Nikolajevski, the company’s Sales Manager of Trust Services, who will talk about the business view of the solution. The technical presentation will examine the challenges met during the development of Smart-ID and the innovative SplitKey technology which the solution is based on. The business-oriented presentation will focus on the success factors of Smart-ID and on how the solution enables cross-border authentication and digital signing.

The 13th World eID and Cybersecurity conference will take a closer look at secure identity solutions, how they are implemented and what kind of challenges arise with them. Additionally, the conference will also talk about the European Union regulations eIDAS and GDPR; mobile solutions and the Internet of Things. During the two-day conference in France, 70 performers from across the world will take the stage.

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