SK updated the service for issuing SSL server certificates


Due to new international requirements and changes in the life expectancy of algorithms, SK issued a new intermediate certificate KLASS3-SK 2010 with the SHA-384 hash algorithm.

If you have an SSL server certificate that you purchased from SK and which is not valid beyond 31 December 2015, the new intermediate certificate must be employed immediately in your server. By installing the new certificate, you will make sure that web browsers do not display a warning about an unsafe certificate when your web page is opened.

We also advise all clients to abandon use of the SHA-1 algorithm in SSL server certificates, and we will exchange all the valid SSL server certificates free of charge upon request. When placing your order, you will only pay for the period by which you extend your certificate. The new certificate can be applied for here. From 16 June 2015, 3-year validity SSL server certificates are again available to order from SK, after a temporary intermission of issue. For all the new SSL server certificates, setting a new intermediate certificate in the SSL server is mandatory.

The new intermediate certificate KLASS3-SK 2010 (valid from 4 June 2015) is available here.

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