Changes in the Chrome web browser require updates in your e-services


We would like to remind you that in order to continue digital signing with ID-card via the Chrome web browser all e-service providers need to develop support for the new signing module by this August.

In April, Chrome partially disabled support for NPAPI based digital signing plug-ins. See also our notification. In August, the override will be removed, which means that as of the second half of August, Chrome (as of version 45) will only allow signing via the module based on the new technology.

All e-service providers that have not switched to the new digital signing solution must update their information systems. Otherwise, digital signing with ID-card via the Chrome web browser will not be possible in your e-service.

Chrome is the most popular web browser in Estonia. Therefore, a great number of users may experience problems with using ID-card in your e-services as of August.

E-service providers will have to introduce the new hwcrypto.js signing component. Technical information is available here.

For end-users, the new signing module is automatically installed with ID-software from version 3.10.2, available for download from

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