A record number of people from across the world attended the SK Annual Conference


Over 200 people interested in authentication attended the SK Annual Conference on November 7. Attendees came from various countries around the world, including France, Italy and – the furthest of them all – Mexico. This year’s SK Annual Conference marked the ten-year anniversary of the event.

The anniversary conference, which took place on the first Thursday of November, was opened by Kalev Pihl, CEO of SK, and Liisa Lukin, Business Development Manager of Value Added Services at SK, who started the event off with an overview of what SK ID Solutions has been working on since the previous conference as well as their future goals. To see exactly what they talked about, watch the video here.

IT architect Andres Kütt delivered the second presentation of the day during which he gave a detailed overview of the current state of the mobile identity solutions market, the regulations and risks involved, and the important aspects of the market that service providers must account for in the future. His presentation can be viewed here.

FESA, the Forum of European Supervisory Authorities for trust service providers, was represented by Romain Santini, who talked about the European trust services ecosystem and how it has been affected by eIDAS. His presentation can be found here.

The keynote speaker of the 10th anniversary conference was Dutch philosopher and researcher professor Willem F. G. “Pim” Haselager from Radboud University. He talked about the challenges related to authenticity and authentication and the future of both from the perspective of a philosopher and a scientist. You can view his presentation here.

The formal part of the SK Annual Conference ended with a traditional humorous summary of the day, which was presented in plain and simple terms by actor Henrik Kalmet. The anniversary conference then concluded with a reception in the evening, followed by a movie night.

Photos and audio files of the anniversary conference.

The next SK Annual Conference will take place on November 5, 2020 in Tallinn.

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