Certificate Revocation Lists

The Certificate Revocation Lists (CRL) include information about revoked and suspended certificates. CRLs are cumulative and include information about all the certificates that are suspended or revoked at the moment. If the supsension of a certificate is terminated, the certificate is removed from CRL. Certificates that are declared as not valid remain in the CRL at least until they expire. CRLs of expired Certification Authorities (CA) are not revealed, since all the certificates issued by this CA are expired.

CA The newest revocation list
EE Certification Centre Root CA /crls/eeccrca/eeccrca.crl
ESTEID-SK 2015 /crls/esteid/esteid2015.crl
KLASS3-SK 2010 /crls/klass3/klass3-2010.crl


Expired/Revoked CA The latest revocation list
ESTEID-SK 2011 /repository/crls/esteid2011.crl
EID-SK 2011 /repository/crls/eid2011.crl
JUUR-SK /crls/juur/last_crl.crl
ESTEID-SK 2007 /crls/esteid/last_esteid2007.crl
EID-SK 2007 /crls/eid/last_eid2007.crl