At the beginning of December, the Police and Border Guard Board will start issuing new generation ID-cards


This change involves all information systems and applications where ID-card (incl. digi-ID, residence permit card, e-Residency digi-ID) can be used to authenticate or provide digital signatures. As well as all information systems where it is possible to check the validity of digital signatures. If changes are not implemented it will not be possible for the persons with a new ID-card to use your services. All necessary updates and configuration changes can be made in advance.

Information System Authority has published detailed instructions at how to support new ID-card in your systems. There are also instructions for ordering test cards. If you have any questions regarding the instructions, please contact help[A]

SK services – Validity Confirmation Service and DigiDocService web service are already supporting a new ID-card in demo and production environment. If you have any questions regarding SK services, please contact us at support[A]

We are also ready to verify your production services after the configurations have been made. We can use real new ID-card. Please contact us at support[A] with instructions.

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