The DigiDoc Portal has a new manager


Estina, a Lithuanian IT company, will be the new manager of the Certification Centre’s DigiDoc Portal.

The objective of this change, which takes effect on 7 April 2016, is to improve the user experience for those using the DigiDoc Portal. The change will provide additional functionality, such as an updated user interface, the ability to simultaneously sign several documents, and offer improved document management and workflow.

Estina, who manage the ISIGN digital signature portal in Lithuania that is similar to DigiDoc Portal, have acquired valuable specialised experience through the years, and therefore, are best suited to manage the DigiDoc portal.

“We believe that the management transfer of the portal to Estina will be beneficial for all the concerned parties. Firstly, the users of the portal, who will get new functionality, will benefit. Secondly, for the Certification Centre, the change represents an opportunity to focus on our main activity, i.e., the management and development of e-ID infrastructure.  Considering the fact that Estina has been successful in the development of an analogous service in Lithuania, I am sure that this change will benefit all the Portal’s current and future users,” said Kalev Pihl, member of the Certification Centre’s management board.

“By taking over the management of the DigiDoc Portal and expanding our activities geographically, we are strengthening Estina’s position as a provider of digital signature solutions in the Baltic countries. Our long-term experience in Lithuania and in other countries enables us to provide better functionality to the users of the DigiDoc portal and to introduce new services to the Estonian market,” said Gintas Balčiūnas, the business development director at UAB Estina.

The DigiDoc portal, which was created in 2002, was the first environment in the Baltic countries to provide digital signature services. Today it is used by private individuals, companies, as well as governmental organisations.

The management of the DigiDoc Portal will be transferred on 7 April 2016. Users will be able to keep using the portal as they have done so far. This change does not affect the documents saved in the DigiDoc portal, or the security or privacy of these documents. In the future, the information related to the portal users and their documents will continue to be stored according to strict security standards.

In the near future, Estina will be creating many new functions for DigiDoc users, including a larger number of supported document formats and signing opportunities for new countries.

The Certification Centre is the partner of the Estonian state in the field of personal identification documents, and issues certificates for national personal identification documents (ID-card, residence permit, Digi-ID, Mobile-ID and e-resident Digi-ID). The Certification Centre maintains Estonia’s e-ID infrastructure, by focusing on certification and timestamp services and the development and operation of the software related thereto.

Estina, a Lithuanian IT firm established in 2008, that has focuses on digital signatures and e-governance solutions, manages ISIGN, the Lithuanian signature portal. They also, through ISIGN Web Services, develop various e-services that are used for signing documents by large IT-integrators.

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Member of the Management Board, Certification Centre
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