The DigiDoc mobile app now supports Smart-ID


In addition to using an ID-card or Mobile-ID, you can now also digitally sign documents with Smart-ID in the DigiDoc mobile app. This solution, developed by SK ID Solutions, allows business clients as well as Lithuanian and Latvian users to also use the app.

If up until now, you could digitally sign documents in the RIA DigiDoc mobile app with only Mobile-ID or the ID-card, then starting from version 2.4.0, you can also do so with Smart-ID, the most popular signing solution in the Baltics.

Support for Smart-ID in the RIA DigiDoc app, which was developed by SK ID Solutions, is also available to business clients who can give unlimited digital signatures on mobile devices after signing a contract with SK. For business-related digital signing with the DigiDoc software, we have created a special service package, which you can read more about here.

“The option of giving digital signatures via Smart-ID in the RIA DigiDoc app is of course very good news for the hundreds of thousands of Smart-ID users, but speaking in broader terms, it is also a good example of the cooperation between the state and the private sector – which in this case means us and the Information System Authority – and the new opportunities created through that. I believe that this is the kind of cooperation where the best solutions are born, ones that serve to help every citizen,” said Liisa Lukin, Board Member at SK ID Solutions.

The default settings in Smart-ID only allow digital signing with an Estonian personal identification number. But business clients who have signed a contract with SK can also use Latvian and Lithuanian personal identification numbers to give digital signatures.

“Together with the Information System Authority, we have taken the most important step towards a more cohesive world by creating a solution that can be used internationally,” said Lukin.

“Developing the support for Smart-ID is a logical and long-awaited step because a lot of people in Estonia use Smart-ID,” said Mark Erlich, Head of the eID Department at the Information System Authority.