Five years of Mobile-ID


It was five years ago that the Certification Centre and EMT launched the innovative Mobile ID service, which makes it possible for people to identify themselves and sign documents digitally via mobile phones. Mobile ID has become a document issued by the state, which is already used by 30,000 people.

Kalev Pihl, CEO at the Certification Centre, says that Mobile ID has found its niche in Estonia. 80% of the 30,000 people who have signed up for Mobile ID use it actively. On average, a person uses Mobile ID for authentication or digital signature 30 times a month. Mobile ID is most often used with banking services. “It is remarkable that the state acknowledged Mobile ID as a national identification facility last year,” added Pihl. “This is well illustrated by the fact that 1.9% of persons who voted online in the last Riigikogu elections used Mobile ID to give their votes.”

Tiit Tammiste, Director of the Technology Division at AS EMT, considers Mobile ID the first step in moving various services to mobile phones. “The mobile phone can already be used for personal identification and digital signature, and the next functions will probably be those of a bankcard – we and the leading banks in Estonia are already working on this in the area of NFC (Near Field Communication) technology,” said Tammiste.

Tammo Otsasoo
, Director of the e-Division at SEB Bank, is one of the first users of Mobile ID and he still prefers it to any other means of authentication. “It is a universal service that works both at home and abroad,” said Otsasoo. “My experience shows that people who have once started using Mobile ID continue using it regularly.”

Certification Centre