Configure the ESTEID-SK 2015 Intermediate Certificate!


Dear Partner

As of March 1st 2016, the Police and Border Guard Board plan to start issuing end-user certificates for Estonian ID-cards with stronger cryptographic algorithms. In order for all e-services to continue operating with the new generation certificates, service providers must implement ESTEID-SK 2015 intermediate certificates.

The change planned for 1 March 2016 affects all information systems and applications in which it is possible to authenticate and provide digital signatures using Estonian ID-cards (incl. digi-ID, residence permit card, e-resident’s digi-ID) and Estonian Mobile-ID. The change also affects all information systems in which the validity of digital signatures can be checked.

The e-service providers that wish to continue offering services to their clients using Estonian ID-cards must add the new ESTEID-SK 2015 intermediate certificate to the list of trusted certificates in their information systems. If you do not add the new intermediate certificate to the configuration, users will not be able to access your e-service with their Estonian ID-cards and the service will not recognise their digital signatures.

We are ready to provide comprehensive support towards making this change.

We are also ready to test your services after the configurations have been updated. Our customer support specialist has an Estonian ID-card with a certificate issued based on the new ESTEID-SK 2015. In order to conduct a test, please contact us at support[A] and let us know how we should proceed in conducting a test.

Certification Centre