100 million digital signatures will be issued in Estonia in the near future


Currently over 98 million documents are already signed with digital signatures, and this number is only increasing. The available statistics allows concluding that one of the Estonian ID card holders will put one hundred millionth digital signature already in the first half of December

Estonian ID card is a unique solution. "We have managed to transfer a physical identity card in the virtual world. Thanks to the Internet, many everyday activities become faster, cheaper and more environmentally friendly," says Jaan Priisalu, General Director of the Estonian Information Systems Authority (RIA).

According to the head of Certification Center Kalev Pihl, most residents in the country actually use the opportunity to sign documents with digital signatures: "Digital signature has long ago become the primary way to sign a contract for many people in our country. This method is not only environmentally friendly, but also saves time and money," says Pihl.

To celebrate this event, RIA and Certification Center are holding a special game. The person who is to give the most accurate guess, as to when the one hundred millionth signature will be issued, will win the trip to the Silicon Valley – the heart of global innovation development. For more information about the campaign, please visit and Participants can give their answers until the end of November. The winner of the game will be announced on December 20.

Already for the past 10 years, the digital signature in Estonia allows to avoid doing things on paper. If we replace all the digital documents signed during this time with usual paper ones, the resulting stack of paper will be at least 14 times higher that an average TV tower.

AS Sertifitseerimiskeskus (Certification Center) founded in 2001 received the state accreditation and provides certification and timestamp services, as well as develops and manages respective software solutions.

The Estonian Information System’s Authority (RIA) coordinates the development and administration of the state’s information system, organises activities related to information security, and handles the security incidents that have occurred in Estonian computer networks. RIA advises the providers of public services on how to manage their information systems as per requirements and monitors them. In addition, RIA is an implementing entity of the structural assistance of the European Union.

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