Year 2011 at SK ID Solutions


We issued 68,301,699 confirmations of validity that, as compared to the previous year, is a third higher. We intermediated creating 26 million digital signatures.

At the beginning of the year we launched a nationally issued Mobile ID in co-operation with the Police and Border Guard Board. The Mobile ID was used for identification for the first time at electronic voting during the elections of the Parliament. This eliminated from Estonian market the service of certificate of digital signature issued basically privately at that time. We also introduced new certification keys and a new certification information system.

From 11 July we issue certificates from the ESTEID-SK 2011 certification chain to all Estonian national identity documents.

Our main focus during the entire year was developing the ID card base software for the state: in January – the planned software version for the Windows platform with the new ID card support, in February – an additional version and in spring and autumn – a planned version update.

In November SK conference “Digital administration brings commercial profit” was held at Kõltsu manor.
The year 2011 can be considered especially successful in terms of the tachographs – we started providing sub-contracting for Finland and with a pilot project in Russia. We issued 42,594 tachograph card certificates – this is almost a four-fold increase as compared to previous year. 73,975 new electronic users of the ID card joined during the year. By the end of the year 2011 – the electronic possibilities of the ID card had been used by 483,409 persons.

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