Year 2010 at SK ID Solutions


By the start of the year there are more than 300,000 electronic users of ID cards, representing almost 28% of card holders. (1,087,256 people have valid ID cards.)

In March the centre’s root certificate is also added to the Mozilla Firefox browser, being loaded on the user’s computer automatically as part of Firefox version 3.6.2.

In June, Krediidiinfo issues the centre with the highest possible credit rating (AAA), which is only given to companies with outstanding financial indicators. At the end of July a contract was signed with Estonian Information System’s Authority whereby SK will continue developing the ID-card software. The software was set up for different versions of Windows and Mac and three most commonly used Linux distributions.

The Certification Centre’s annual conference is held in Tallinn in early September.

A digital ID card is adopted in October which is designed to be used in electronic environments only. The card is generally issued on the same day that applications are submitted.

A week later SK handed over the basic ID-card software for Linux and Mac to the Estonian Information System’s Authority. Mac software was completed for the last two versions of Mac and for three most commonly used versions of Linux (Ubuntu, Open Suse, Fedora).

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