We participated in Digital Cleanup Day 2023 and deleted one-fifth of our total data


To celebrate Digital Cleanup Day 2023, which took place last weekend, we came together as a team to reduce digital waste and foster a more sustainable future. This involved reviewing and deleting data that was no longer necessary to store, such as outdated emails, documents, and other files. We aimed to reduce digital waste by 250 gigabytes, constituting one-fifth of our total data.

Thanks to the participation and commitment of our team members, we were able to delete a whopping 292 gigabytes of personal data! Our total capacity now stands at less than 1 TB, compared to 1229 GB before the last weekend.

Here’s a breakdown of our achievements. We reduced:

  • Individual mailboxes’ capacity by 37%
  • Individual document folders’ capacity by 24%

“For three consecutive years, we have been dedicated to reducing digital waste and promoting a greener environment. As we embrace the digital lifestyle, we also acknowledge the potential environmental impacts that come with it. That’s why we remain committed to taking action and making a positive difference. We would like to thank everyone in our team who participated in Digital Cleanup Day, as your dedication and efforts have made a significant impact in reducing our digital waste. We look forward to continuing our collective efforts towards building a more sustainable future,” said Liisa Lukin, COO of SK ID Solutions.

Started in 2018, Digital Cleanup Day is an initiative that aims to reduce digital waste and promote a more sustainable environment. The event is celebrated annually by people and companies that share the goal of promoting digital responsibility.

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