Smart-ID can now be used to give digital signatures in DigiDoc4


Starting from February, all Smart-ID users will be able to sign documents in DigiDoc4 with Smart-ID. Users must have the latest version of DigiDoc4 (minimum required version is installed on their computers to be able to give signatures with Smart-ID. Up until now, documents could only be signed digitally in DigiDoc4 with ID-cards or via Mobile-ID. As of autumn 2019, Smart-ID can also be used as an authentication tool on various state e-services.

“The fact that it is now possible to sign documents on DigiDoc with Smart-ID as well is great news and one that Smart-ID users have been waiting for quite a while. We have a good working relationship with the Estonian Information System Authority (RIA) and this is the perfect birthday present for Smart-ID, which just turned 3 years old. We are also glad to see that RIA has implemented another security measure as well – when a user uses Smart-ID to sign a document, then the app will present them with three verification codes and ask them to pick the correct one to pass a security check. This will encourage other e-services to implement this measure as well,” said the Business Development Manager at SK ID Solutions, Liisa Lukin.

“Last year, after reaching an agreement on the final contract details with SK ID Solutions who provide the Smart-ID service, we started working on developing proper support for Smart-ID on ID software. Being able to use different signing tools will allow more people to make use of ID software and to find a solution that works best for them, said the Head of the Electronic Identity Department at RIA, Mark Erlich.

All ID-card, digi-ID, Mobile-ID and Smart-ID users are allowed to give a specific number of free digital signatures on the DigiDoc4 app every month. If someone wishes to use the DigiDoc4 client for larger volumes and for business purposes, then they need to have a service contract with SK ID Solutions. All of SK’s contracted customers can use their current access details.

By default, only users with an Estonian national identification code can use Smart-ID to sign documents with the app. Contracted business clients can also use Latvian and Lithuanian national identification codes to give signatures with Smart-ID.

RIA has put also put together instructions for their business clients, which can be found here.

You can download the latest version of the DigiDoc4 app here.

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