SK will cease issuing TLS Server Certificates


SK ID Solutions will stop issuing new TLS Server Certificates starting from September 2017. All certificates that have been issued up until now will be valid until the end of their validity period.

Starting from September 1, 2017, SK ID Solutions will no longer issue new TLS Server Certificates. Certificates that have been issued earlier will be valid until the end of their validity period.

The change, which will come into effect in September this year, is necessitated by the wish to lessen regulatory effects on our service portfolio and to focus more on those services where we are able to offer our customers a clear added value. Over the past couple of years, TLS Server Certificates have been in the middle of very big regulatory changes and since this process is still continuing, and we can see that going along with these changes would take away resources from developing services that are more commercially important to us, then issuing TLS Server Certificates no longer financially justifies itself.

This change does not affect any other certificates issued by SK ID Solutions or our other services.

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