SK ID Solutions became a member of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute


SK ID Solutions was accepted as a full member of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute. The goal of the company is to help ETSI in the development of various standards and to stand up for the good future of trust services.

The membership, which became valid on December 22, provides SK with the opportunity to participate in how the standards and technical specifications for trust services are formed and as a result, to help shape all future technologies that affect us, both in Estonia and elsewhere in the world.

“Currently, ETSI standards are the most exemplary ones within our industry and we must contribute into their development if we want to see European trust services reach the global top tier quickly. SK considers itself to be one of the most exemplary trust service providers and we wish to contribute to a better future. We have previously participated in ETSI’s working groups and provided them with feedback, but the time has come for us to really take a larger step towards affirming our commitment to the development of standards, “said the CEO of SK ID Solutions, Kalev Pihl.

ETSI, founded in 1988, works on developing telecommunications standards in Europe. ETSI brings together 850 members from 66 countries. ETSI’s members include private companies, research facilities, but also national standardisation organisations. In addition to ETSI, there are only two other standards’ organisations in Europe: the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization. CENELEC.

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