Sign digitally on Windows Phone


The brand new Windows Phone app for viewing and signing documents digitally is finally ready. The app is developed with the support of Microsoft and EMT and is available for free from the Windows Store for all Windows Phone users.

DigiDoc app is compatible with Windows Phone 8 and 8.1. You can create a container inside the application for viewing, deleting, adding, signing and sending documents via e-mail. The application is compatible with your personal OneDrive account, from where the user chooses the necessary documents and adds them for signing inside the application. You need a valid Estonian Mobile-ID for signing digitally on mobile.

DigiDoc app was created due to the need of signing documents in business situations via Windows Phone. The DigiDoc app grew out from the Garage 48 and EMT Appmillionaire contest in September 2013 where the initial version with the humorous name, DigiFail (for viewing digitally signed documents) won a special prize from Microsoft. The DigiDoc app team consists of: Arni Leibovitš, Karel Golberg, Juri Annikov, Märt Ringmäe, Grete Strandberg and Pille Pilter.

Since participating in the event, the first version of the app has had numerous downloads and fans and a lot of positive feedback. With the support of Microsoft AgileWorks has come up with an even more user friendly and representative version, which will definitely show great potential among business users.

But the active work towards building an app will not end with the release of the phone version. AgileWorks is currently working towards releasing the tablet version of the app, which today is at the final phase of development.

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