Important information for Mobile-ID users


Since 1/1/2015, the PBGB has been issuing digital identity cards in the form of Mobile-ID (Mobiil-ID) for a term of validity of up to five years. In order to get a Mobile-ID with the maximum validity, the technical solution (SIM card) for the data medium of the document should meet the conditions which are necessary for the secure use of the document during five years. 

In order to obtain information about the SIM card meeting the required technical conditions, persons should contact their mobile phone operator. Please be informed that if an applicant holds a SIM card which was issued during the previous years, and he or she wishes to activate a Mobile-ID on it via the website for the PBGB this year, the validity of the certificates for the issued mobile ID’s shall be limited for the purposes of security until 31/12/2016.

Source: Police and Border Guard Board

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