Important changes in Smart-ID certificates


Starting from May 17, 2022, a change will be made to the Smart-ID certificates. The certificate owner’s personal identity code will be removed from the CommonName field.

The change will be implemented in stages and apply only to newly issued Smart-ID certificates. This means that from May 17, certificates with different profile types will be in use concurrently.

Smart-ID certificates issued before May 17, 2022:

New Smart-ID certificates issued after May 17, 2022:

Certificate owner’s personal identity code can be found from certificate’s attribute SerialNumber as previously.

Please note that if your system is acquiring the personal identification number from the certificate’s CommonName field, your users might encounter problems using your online services. 

Additionally we inform that a new attribute with date of birth (dateOfBirth) have been added to certificate. DateOfBirth will be added to the certificate as an extension. This change applies only to Smart-ID qualified level certificates. DateOfBirth will not be available in non-qualified Smart-ID certificates.

Please test in our DEMO environment if your system is fully compatible with these changes. To assist you with testing, we have created Smart-ID test-accounts with the new certificate profile. Please use them for testing your systems.

More information:

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