Change in prices of Mobile-ID, Smart-ID and Time-Stamping services


Starting from July 1, SK ID Solutions will introduce new features and update the pricing for the Mobile-ID and Smart-ID services. The special price list of the Smart-ID Service for Identity Providers and Registration Authorities will be replaced with the standard price list. Additionally, the selection of Time-Stamping Service packages will broaden and offer more flexibility.


To provide more flexible and convenient service for our Time-Stamping Service customers, from 1st of July, we will add a new package for 30 000 timestamps. After the change that is based on the feedback of our customers looking for more flexibility, there will be 5 packages with minimum number of timestamps reaching from 1000 to 500 000. The number of timestamps in and prices of the four currently available packages will remain the same.

Please find the new price list here.


From July, we will introduce several important changes for the Mobile-ID in Estonia. First, the Mobile-ID in Estonia will be available for online issuance, which means that people applying for the Mobile-ID can do it fully online. Second, minors (from 7 years old, with a legal guardian) will be eligible for applying the Mobile-ID. And third, similar to the Smart-ID, there will be an option for one person to use several Mobile-IDs. We have invested a lot in Mobile-ID resilience and sustainability by separating the services on country level for Lithuania and Estonia.

The current price list for Mobile-ID Service has 11 packages to cater different needs of our customers. From 1 July, there will be 10 packages to choose from, and the transaction prices will change for all packages except Service Package I. Customers of Service Package I and II will be automatically transferred to a new Service Package I (that consists of 300 transactions). Customers of Service Package III onwards will move to one package lower. For example, old price list package III will be in new price list package II etc.

Please find the new price list here.


The price list of Smart-ID Service will also be updated on 1st of July. This change helps us to support our developments, continue fighting the rapidly evolving phishing scams and provide our services according to the highest security standards. We understand that change of prices is always challenging, so we have decided to leave the price per transaction in the Service Package I unchanged and add additional 50 transactions to this package.

Please find the new price list here.

To offer a more transparent pricing model, the special price list for Identity Providers (IDP) and Registration Authorities (RA) will be discontinued and replaced with the standard price list. Please note that for the IDPs and RAs, there will be a requirement for a minimum package of 100 000 authentication or signing requests.

Please find the new price list for IDPs here.

On July 1, 2022, the new price lists will be automatically applied to all customers. Customers who do not accept the changes will be able to end their current contracts prior to the changes coming into effect.

SK ID Solutions recommends that all customers examine their current usage and confirm whether their current service packages meet their actual needs and transaction volumes. This can be done very easily via SK’s e-service platform.

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