A new certification chain will be used for issuing organisation certificates by Certification Centre


Due to the expiration of the original root certificate Juur-SK in summer of 2016, it is no longer possible to issue certificates to legal persons with validity period of 2 years from this certification chain. The new chain of certification will be introduced by SK in a few months.

The new root certificate of SK, EE Certification Centre Root CA (valid from 30.10.2010 to 18.12.2030), is being used already since 2011 for issuance of ID-card, Digi-ID and Mobile-ID certificates. During coming months, SK will also start issuing certificates to legal persons using the new root certificate.

With this in mind, a certificate valid to 18.03.2024 has been issued from EE Certification Centre Root CA to KLASS3-SK 2010. This re-enables the issuance of 3-year validity company certificates.

The change of certification authority has been arranged so that there is no need for immediate system changes by the users nor the owners of the certificates.

The introduction of the new certification chain does not affect in any way the usage of the already issued certificates. Also, there are no changes required in order to start using the certificates issued from the new certification chain. The certificates issued by the new intermediate certification authority are trusted by every software application that currently has support for the original certification chain.

The new root certificate of EE Certification Centre Root CA and the new intermediate certificate authority certificate KLASS3-SK 2010 have to be introduced to the systems at the latest by the time of expiry of the original root certificate Juur-SK on 26.08.2016. Until then, everything will be operating as usual.

SK will make a special announcement as soon as the new intermediate certificate has been introduced to DigiDoc libraries and to the ID-card middleware in order to maximize ease the process of making the necessary changes to the related systems.

There are no changes of supporting the new root certificate of SK by the web browsers. EE Certification Centre Root CA is trusted by all major web browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome).

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