2023: A Year of Achievements and Innovations at SK ID Solutions


In 2023, we made significant strides in shaping a more secure and enjoyable digital future for everyone.

Last year, upon initiating our expansion into Belgium eID market, we also celebrated key milestones in Smart-ID popularity, demonstrating our continuous strive to offer universal digital identity solutions worldwide.

In Latvia, Smart-ID obtained local qualified status for authentication which expanded our service reach to more users. These cumulative efforts demonstrate our continuous pursuit to enhance Smart-ID’s utility for our valued users in every country.

Subsequently, Smart-ID achieved remarkable progress with its integration with the Latvija.lv portal, making public services effortlessly accessible to all through easy login with Smart-ID.

Ensuring an even better user experience, we extended Smart-ID support to Apple Watch, making the convenience of secure digital identity never more than an arm’s length away.

Big opportunities presented for minors starting from age 7 to register their Smart-ID accounts solely with biometrics, simplifying processes and ensuring greater inclusion of the younger demographic.

We started with a popular community event in Lithuania – SK Talks – to translate technicalities of digital identity and ignite meaningful conversations, and robust collaborations in the ecosystem. In Latvia, we kickstarted a Developer Breakfast tradition for local eID enthusiasts. And in Tallinn, the 14th international SK Annual Conference was held, serving as a cornerstone for knowledge sharing across the region and eID field.

Last year, we also revised who can resell our services and how they do so. We redefined our resale strategy, implementing a significant policy change to ensure transparency and fair competition amongst our valuable network of brokers and more value to customers. Going forward, as of June 2023, only authorized brokers are allowed to resell our services, reinforcing our commitment to the highest operational and security standards.

Our commitment to cybersecurity strengthened through our collaboration in a campaign led by the Estonian Information Technology and Telecommunications Association. This campaign aimed to enhance cybersecurity readiness amongst Estonian SMEs, further establishing our role as a considerate and responsible leader in the digital domain.

In cooperation with Civitta Estonia we added to our success story the analysis conducted on identity matching in the Nordic-Baltic region, aiming to deliver harmonized and trustworthy solution for cross border e-identification.

In Estonia, the ID-card issuance process got extended to supermarket stores in Estonia. This advancement offers greater flexibility for all ID-card users, allowing document collection during the openings hours of a supermarket. This collaboration reflects an excellent example of public-private cooperation, designed to ease people’s lives by rendering the retrieval of ID-cards more accessible and hassle-free.

We continued to enhance our digital presence with the introduction of SK’s new website. With an emphasis on corporate details and information, it provides a refined platform for users to interact with our team and find important information about our services.

Throughout 2023, our services were recognized in various studies: Smart-ID was celebrated as the most loved digital tool brand in Latvia; an international survey positioned Smart-ID as the most recommended electronic authentication solution in the Baltic states; in Lithuania, Smart-ID surged into the list of Top 10 most used apps; and it also joined Estonia’s esteemed Top 10 brand icons, standing alongside prominent brands like Spotify and Apple.

With an outstanding overall service availability of 99.9% and a flawless 100% availability, particularly in our Timestamping service throughout 2023, we have affirmed our commitment to unwavering, uninterrupted, and trustworthy service delivery.

As a recognized employer, our primary focus last year pivoted towards a critical aspect – mental health. We understand that a promising working environment extends beyond just physical safety to also encompass emotional well-being. We achieved the Peaasi.ee recognition as an organization nurturing mental health and creating a workspace marked by empathy, recognition and understanding. Also the Labour Inspectorate of Estonia acknowledged us for our good workplace practice of mental health confidante at the office.

Alongside the steady growth of our user base and transaction numbers across all platforms, we have also expanded our dedicated team of employees to effectively meet the growing demands.

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