Customer Service Points

The customer service for Estonian identity documents and certificates is provided by Police and Border Guard Board (PBGB). The list of PBGB’s customer service points is listed here.

From 01.03.2019 Swedbank and SEB do not provide customer service for identity documents and certificates.

In Customer Service Points you can get help on the following questions:

  • ID-card, digi-ID and Residence Permit Card:
    • applying for documents, the issuance of documents;
    • verification, suspension, termination of suspension and revocation of certificates;
    • receiving a new PIN envelope;
  • Mobile-ID:
  • activating the certificates.

The easiest way to suspend your document’s certificates is to call to the certificates’ customer service line (+ 372) 677 3377 or 1777. The line is available for 24/7.

To suspend your Mobile-ID certificates please send signed application to suspension[A]
Certificates suspension e-mail subject must be: Certificate suspension.

Mobile-ID customer service points in Estonia are the following:

Mobile-ID customer service points in Lithuania are:

Smart-ID customer service points are:

In Smart-ID customer service points you can apply for or revoke a Smart-ID account.