As of 1 March 2016, new prices will apply to some SK services


As of March 1st, new prices will apply to organisation certificates and test certificates issued by SK. We have created a new set of certificates for X-Road members and security server hosts.

The price for a three-year organisation certificate is still € 375. As of March 1st, a one-year digital stamp will cost € 150 instead of the current € 125. When buying a digital stamp for two years, it will cost € 275, and for three, € 375. As of March 1st, the price of a crypto-stick will be € 75.

Other organisation certificates (SSL, authentication, crypto, customised certificates), which are needed for three years, will still cost € 225. As of March 1st, these one-year organisation certificates will cost € 90, and the two-year certificates € 165. If you wish to buy a sub-domain alias SAN certificate in addition to an SSL server certificate, it will cost € 40.

X-Road member certificates, which include a digital stamp certificate for both test and product environments, will be added as a new product, which cost € 150 for one year, € 225 for two years or € 375 for three years. The prices for X-Road certificates for security server hosts start from € 240 and include a digital stamp and authentication certificate for both test and product environments.

The price list for organisation certificates is available at: 

The price of a Test ID-card and a Digi-ID are still € 32. However, as of March 1st, a test certificate on a crypto-stick will cost € 75. The new price list is available at: