Certificate for Authentication

Certificate for Authentication is used for identifying juridical persons or for ensuring the originality and completeness of electronic data. The certificate is used for authenticating clients on websites, in e-mail exchange systems or other data processing systems.


You can order the certificate via SK's e-service and the certificate will be issued within 5 working days according to SK's certification practice statement.

You can also order a test certificate which can only be used in SK’s test environment. Issuance of test certificate is free of charge. 

More information about testing: 

Examine the documents applicable to the Certificate for Authentication: PolicyProfileCertification Practice Statement and Conditions for Use.


See the price of the Certificate for Authentication here.
The 14-day free exchange term is applicable to the Certificate for Authentication.

Additional technical information

Instructions for initialization of cryptostick and generation of CSR (Certificate Signing Request) can be found here.

Instructions for importing a certifcate to a cryptostick and using the administrator password for the first time can be found here.

We only issue 2048-bit key certificates.

Certification chain of the Certificate for Authentication is the following:
Certificate for Authentication->KLASS3-SK 2016->EE Certification Centre Root CA

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