Sertifitseerimiskeskus will take part in Forum ‘Innovations. Remote services, Cards and Payments 2012’


SK will take part in the 3rd International Forum ‘Innovations. Remote services, Cards and Payments 2012’, to be held on 21-22 May, 2012 in Moscow. The annual Forum is organized by the PLUS Journal ( to analyse pressing problems of the payment industry development in Russia and CIS, to find their solutions and identify the prospects for their development.

Market participants’ special interest to the Forum is dictated by the role and place of the e-Government project, a leading initiative that will allow Russia to keep the positive vector of development and the rightful place at the global level. Apart from that, it will boost effective implementation of the program of remote personified services, making them serve the needs of the state and its citizens.

The event is primarily aimed at finding the most effective ways of productive cooperation of banks, payment systems, telecom and transport operators, online stores, retailers, vendors, integrators, and government agencies in the process of creating an effective infrastructure for distance services and payments.

The total number of participants from different countries will make about 800 persons. The Forum topics and the list of speakers are available on the official website of the event: