Changes related to DigiDocService web service


Sertifitseerimiskeskus is renewing DigiDocService web service.

The test-DigiDocService is available at the address

The major changes in the service are following:

  • Only DigiDoc container format DIGIDOC-XML 1.3 is supported.
  • Previous formats (SK-XML 1.0, DIGIDOC-XML 1.1 and DIGIDOC-XML 1.2) are only supported for verification. Adding and removing signatures is not allowed. A similar amendment has also been introduced in the ID-card software.
  • Container format BDOC 1.0 is not supported (creating container, adding and removing signatures or verification of signatures is not supported).
  • GetMobileCertificate method’s all three input parameters (IDCode, Country, PhoneNo) are mandatory. The usage of this method is limited (IP-address based access) already in current version. It is necessary to request the separate access from SK with clear argument why it is needed.
  • Added support of Lithuanian Mobile -ID (Omnitel, Tele2, Bite)  and also Lithuanian ID-card and RC's USB token.
  • When using Lithuanian Mobile-ID for authentication or signing it is mandatory to send all three input parameters personal code, phone number and country, otherwise the request will fail. The same requirement will become mandatory in the case of Estonians in year 2014.
  • Instead of GetSignatureModules method JavaScript idCard.js should be used,  GetSignatureModules method returns unsupported signing components -  Active-X and Java Applet
  • In DigestType parameter the value of the hash algorithm is supported in the form of sha1. The current version do not support SHA-1, SHA1, sha-1 name forms.

Differences between versions are available in chapter 10.1 of specification.

Technical specification is available here.

First customers are transfered to new service already in April. Transfer is made on SK's side.

If you see that these changes require your information system developments we would be happy to have your feedback and will make it impossible to transfer to the new service by the end of June.

Feedback is welcome to support[A]