Standard Conditions of Validation Certification Service

(Valid from 01.06.2005)

1. Validation certification service and scope of service
1.1 Validation certification service (hereinafter referred to as the Service) means issuance of signed
statements on the validity of certificates and documents at the time of making an inquiry.
1.2 For use of the Service the person (hereinafter referred to as the User) shall fill in an application form
(hereinafter referred to as the application) and agree to the terms and conditions of the validation
certification service.
1.3 For use of the Service, access permission will be issued to the User. The access permission and a
password necessary for opening the access code shall be sent to the User by email or made available to
the User on the website of the SK.
1.4 The access permission shall be installed to the User’s computer(s).
1.5 The maximum scope of the Service is 10 inquiries per calendar month and 1 inquirie per second.

2. Price of Service and Validity of Certificate
2.1 The Service is provided to the User free of charge.
2.2 The access permission to the Service shall be valid for 6 (six) months. After expiry of the access
permission, the User may apply for new access permission from the SK by filing a
relevant application.

3. Rights and Obligations of User
3.1 The User shall use the Service in accordance with the Standard Conditions of the Validation Certification
3.2 The User shall use the Service for its intended purpose and in accordance with the regulations and legal
acts applicable in the Republic of Estonia.

4. Rights and Obligations of the SK
4.1 The SK is entitled to unilaterally amend, change or modify the Standard Conditions of the
Validation Certification Service as well as the Price of the Service.
4.2 The SK is entitled to unilaterally terminate the user contract without notice and declare
the valid access permission of the User invalid:
4.2.1 Upon termination of the supply of the Service;
4.2.2 If the User uses the Service for an unintended use, illegal activity or in a manner which may cause
loss or damage to the SK or third parties;
4.2.3 If the User has provided incorrect or misleading information in the application for the use of the
Service to the SK;
4.2.4 If the User uses the Service in excess of the scope specified in clause 1.5 above.

5. Notification obligation
5.1 The SK shall immediately inform the User of the termination of the user contract and
invalidation of the access permission in the cases specified in clause 4.2 of the conditions for use of the
Service by email and of the changes in the conditions for the use of the validation certification service and
in the price of the Service on the website of the SK and/or through the mass media.

6. Liability of the Parties
6.1 The SK shall be responsible for the truth and correctness of the information based on the
validity of the certificates issued by it.
6.2 The SK is not responsible for the contents and essence of the transaction concluded on
the basis of a certificate issued by it.
6.3 The SK shall be liable for any direct material damage caused to the User in consequence
of its willful or negligent activity.
6.4 The SK is entitled to file a claim against the User if it has caused loss or damage to the
SK or any third party in consequence of use of the Service for an unintended purpose or
use of the Service in an illegal activity.