Tachograph cards

According to the legislation (No 561/2006) of the European Union (EU), as of 1 May 2006 all new long-distance trucks have to be equipped with digital tachographs.

A digital tachograph is an electronic device meant for installing to road vehicles that automatically or semi-automatically shows, registers and records the movement of vehicles and working hours of professional drivers. The aim of a digital tachograph is to register, record, display, print and issue the electronic data related to the driver’s activities. 

A tachograph card is a chip card for using in a digital tachograph. Tachograph cards enable the digital tachograph to verify the identity (or identity group) of the owner of the card and forward and record the data. 

Certification service includes:

  • secure administration and use of the keys of the certifier of the EU Member State upon issue of tachograph certificates;
  • receipt and processing of certificate applications and issuing of certificates.

In partnership with Gemalto, we offer the certification service in Denmark (Rigspolitiet).

In order to obtain a tachograph card in Estonia, You need to contact the Road Administration. We issued the first tachograph card certificates at the beginning of August 2005.