Price List of Validity Confirmation Service and Proxy Certificate Validation Service

Valid from 01.10.2018

Service Package Minimum Number of Queries Price per Query € Minimum price per Month €
Base package 0 0,10 0
Office package 400 0,024 9,60
Mini package 2000 0,019 38
Standard package 10 000 0,013 130
Bronze package 30 000 0,01 300
Silver package 80 000 0,007 560
Gold package 150 000 0,005 750
Platinum package 250 000 0,0045 1 125
Diamond package 400 000 0,004 1 600
Brilliant package 750 000 0,0035 2 625
Personal package over 1 000 000 under agreement under agreement

Minimum Number of Queries - If the number of queries performed by the Customer is less than the minimum fixed in the price package, the monthly payment will be calculated by the number of minimum queries
Price per Query - Price of one query excluding VAT

Implementation of Terms and Conditions of the Price List

  1. The price includes only the Validity confirmation service and Proxy certificate validation service. The SK may apply additional service fee for provisioning extracts from logs, validation of issued confirmations and other related services.
  2. The capacity of the service provided which determines the  maximum number of queries in a second carries the greatest importance. The mentioned parameters form the failure load of the service.
  3. Pursuant to the nature of the application (applications for own institution, business partners or for larger public) and conditions of the failure load special agreements may be concluded with he Client regarding the price packages.
  4. SK reserves the right to change the Pricelist and the Terms and Conditions of the Implementation of the Pricelist by informing about the changes 3 months in advance.