Technical information

New API for Mobile-ID service. This integration is needed when you like to support Mobile-ID in your e-service or application. Compared to old DigIDocService web service, new REST API is much more modern and has less functionality.

NB! New REST API will replace DigiDocService web service during 2019/2020. Especially when doing new developments please use new REST API!

Service URL

SSL certificate

Technical specifications  


Authentication and digital signing using Mobile-ID

Supported Mobile-ID solutions

Estonian telecom operators: Elisa, Tele2 and Telia

Lithuanian telecom operators: Bite, Tele2 and Telia

DEMO service address

Parameters needed for DEMO are available here.

Test numbers for testing Mobile-ID functionality:

Sample applications

Conditions for Use

General Terms of Subscriber Agreement v 4.0

Access to production service

Access is granted to registered IP’s only. Please contact sales[A] for more info.

Release notes