The closing date of will be postponed


Regarding our customers feedback SK ID Solutions AS has decided to postpone the final closing date of New deadline for closing the old LDAP is 27.06.2019.

This means that is currently not closed (previously it was stated on our web page that will be closed on May 29th) and is available until 27.06.2019. We kindly ask the users of LDAP catalogue to find out the reasons why they are still using the old LDAP and make the necessary changes in order to start using new LDAP catalogue services and does not include the certificates of ID-card or digi-ID that have been issued after 03.12.2018. Please notice that Mobiil-ID certificates issued after 05.06.2019 are not published to this catalogue. Regarding personal certificates it is correct to start using catalogue service which has been available since 14.11.2018. includes personal certificates issued by ESTEID2011, ESTEID2015 and ESTEID2018 CA (as well as all valid Mobiil-ID certificates).

Regarding organisation certificates it is advised to start using instead of K3 LDAP has been available since the beginning of April (05.04.2019).

For both new LDAP catalogue services we have increased the security and started using LDAPS protocol. All catalogues are accessible from port 636 (previously 389) and are available 24/7.

More information on how to use ESTEID LDAP:

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us via support[A]