Starting from 25.08.2013 SK will issue organisation certificates with validity period up to 2 years


Related to the expiration of current certifier and the delay of trust distribution of the new certifier, AS Sertifitseerimiskeskus (SK) will from 25.08.2013 issue organisation certificates with validity period only up to 2 years. Organisation certificates include Digital Stamp-, Web Server (SSL)- and other organisation certificates.
SK has been preparing to issue organisation certificates using the new certifier with longer validity period but the related root certificate distribution process has had temporal obstacles. Therefore it will be couple more months before the new certifier is recognised by all web browsers.
Currently valid KLASS3-SK 2010 certifier has been issued under old SK root certificate (Juur-SK) that expires on 26.08.2016 14:23:01. It's not possible for a certificate to be valid if the root certificate it was issued from has expired. Therefore from 26.08.2013 SK can't issue 3-year organisation certificates using old KLASS3-SK 2010 certifier.
When new SK root certificate has been officially recognised by all popular web browsers and new KLASS3-SK 2010 certifier put in use, it's again possible to issue 3-year organisation certificates. The latest time we are planning to start issuing new organisation certificates from under new certifier is by the end of this year. 
For everyone who require certificates with as long as possible validity period we can issue certificates with validity period up to 26.08.2016 14:23:01.
SK apologises to all customers for caused inconveniences.
For additional questions and in case of problems please email us at support[A] or call +372 6101880.
AS Sertifitseerimiskeskus