Mobile-ID service has been restored


SK ID Solutions have restored the Mobile-ID service in Estonia and Lithuania in full. The service interruption was due to a failed software update. We apologize to all our customers!

This morning at 09:00, SK ID Solutions fully restored Mobile-ID services that were interrupted since Thursday morning at 08:47.

On Thursday night, a planned software update for the short messaging platform was designed to improve the quality of the Mobile-ID service. Unfortunately, the upgraded platform did not hold up for the high usage of Mobile-ID in the morning, which caused disturbances in the use of the Mobile-ID. It was eliminated by SK ID Solutions in significant volume already on Thursday at 14:30, additional e-services were added one-by-one.

Tonight until 07:30 this morning, all Mobile-ID services worked correctly, but it was not enough to serve all customers in Estonia and Lithuania in high quality. At the same time, the software provider, together with SK ID Solutions, worked on finding the optimal solution to the problem. At 09:00 this morning, the Mobile-ID service was fully restored in Estonia and Lithuania.

We apologize to all our customers!

SK ID Solutions AS